Enjoy $20 off The Most Delicious New App, And It's Toronto-Made!

October 09, 2015

So I heard about this app through a friend... In one sentence I would describe it as well overdue, and similar to Uber but for FOOD at really sweet restos. They are with 18 restaurants in Montreal and over 70 in Toronto where the app originated.

It's called Tab Payments. So, basically, when you're hungry and want a cool nearby dining experience, you open the app. It shows you a list of restaurants ordered by proximity to you- and there are so many delicious options. Most of my favourite, go-to restaurants, too! The Good Son, Byblos, Valdez, Thompson Diner, Gusto 101, ColetteTERRONI (which is always a good idea), and even the Windsor Arms! For each resto, you can click and learn all their info, even a presh little background story. Plus you can make a reservation right then and there.

 At Terroni this summer, back in the prehistoric era where we were served by pterodactyls and paid with a credit card machine.

We tried it out last night, just for fun. It was so great! We made the reservation through the app so our table was all ready when we arrived. The staff already knew our names and that we were using Tab to pay. When the bill came, we reviewed it and said yep- looks great and our servers like 'alright then, thanks guys, see you again!', and then we each got a receipt emailed to us and that was IT. Chill AF.

Reasons why I think this was amazing:

  • First and foremost, you've got to respect that it's a homegrown Toronto based app. High 5 to the local dreamers.
  • As it continues to grow, it has the potential to become as widespread as Uber. You could be in another country and just pull out Tab and be done. 
    • *Of course, foreign interactions are one of the most beautiful parts about travel. BUT for when you're in a rush, maybe in-transit, you've got a train to catch... This app could save you when you don't have time for currency conversions, language barriers or waiting for the bill or for your change etc. And likewise for Canaliens visiting Toronto.
  • On that note, no matter how foreign the city is that you're in, it shows you legit restaurants in your area and a detailed background on each. No more reading through endless sites and tourist forums. Tab has already sorted through them and keeps them updated.
    • Tab has a Do Not Disturb-like setting so you can put your phone away while you dine and enjoy yourself, and your company.
    • Tab has a bill-splitting feature for groups that automatically divvies up your bill. Can I get an amen?
      • You can decide on your tip with no pressure and submit it privately through the app. 
      • For business travel. You have a packed schedule of breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings. Instead of collecting your receipts after each meal and saving them for your expense report, your receipt will be emailed to you on the spot! You'll automatically have a full archive. You won't hold up the meeting at all, and it won't be obvious that you're putting the meal on the company ;) 
      • It felt like a more personal experience. Our server knew our names and there was no awkward conversation ie: asking him to split our bill, him having to bring over the credit machine and wait, or us asking for change.
      • It was such an effortless download and set up to begin. So breezy.

      Last night at The Good Son, after some Good pizza & aloe cocktails.

      On top of all that, they personally sent us an email to see how our experience was. This evolved into a conversation (mostly, one-sided, me praising their app and its potential with travel and tourists, etc). Eventually they were like wow okay thanks ma'am that's really nice.. Why don't you share this promo code with your Canalien Community and they can try it out too and get $20 off their first order. 

      So, as a gift for reading all the way through my riveting night out, this weekend you can enter the code: DINEWITHCANALIEN and enjoy $20 off your first meal with Tab!

      (download in App Store or http://get.tabpayments.co)
      **This is good for both food AND adult drinks!**

      HAPPY FRIDAY CANALIENS! Cheers. Treat yourself... responsibly ;)

      Thanks Tab! #CanalienLyfe

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