Canalien Feature: Tracy Komlos of Pangea Dreams

May 25, 2020

Canalien Feature: Tracy Komlos of Pangea Dreams

If you're an ex-pat like us, or even if you're not, it can feel like we're worlds apart at the moment. We know our community loves travel and the connections we discover while seeing the world, so it seems fitting our first Canalien Feature is Tracy Komlos, founder of Pangea Dreams, the leading women's entrepreneur retreats.

Our founder, Sydney, last saw Tracy at one of her retreats in Indonesia last year and we were excited to hear from her during this worldwide lockdown.

1. What does being Can-alien mean to you?  It means being a respectable and responsible traveler, representing Canada in the best possible way anywhere I go. 

2. What passport(s) do you hold? Canadian 

3What does 'home' mean to you, and where is yours? Canada is definitely home for me, specifically Montreal as I was born and raised there but at the moment I am living between NY and LA and absolutely love being bi-coastal. 

4. Where is your favourite place in Canada to explore?  I absolutely loved my road-trip around Banff, it reminded me a lot of New Zealand. I would love to explore BC and PEI. 

5. What city in the world did you travel to that has the best: 

a) Food: Thailand & Bali 

b) People: Bali, Indonesia

c) Entertainment: Barcelona, Spain

d) Scenery: Iceland & New Zealand

6. If you could work anywhere in the world where would it be? That's easy, New York and LA. I am so grateful that I am currently living out that dream. 

7. What are you planning for your next big trip? I am hoping to go to Italy in July for two weeks - hopefully Covid-19 will be under wraps by then.. we shall see.

8. What are your 3 most essential travel items? Eye mask, my fav Levi jean shorts and my phone so I can listen to podcasts 

9. Where would you like to retire? Somewhere sunny & by a beach, probably in California. 

Thanks, Tracy! You can follow Tracy and her awesome adventures on Instagram here.

How are you spending your days in lockdown? Share your story with us here.

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