America: Welcome to Miami

by Fellow Canalien November 25, 2016

America: Welcome to Miami

We recently spent some time living the Canalien life in Miami. Here are some memorable spots I ventured to...

Coral Gables 

This is where I lived while in Miami. It's a fun area by the water. Filled with shops, restaurants and with lot so of college students from U Miami which gives it a youthful vibe. 

  • Green Street Cafe: Great for dinner, and awesome mimosa brunch specials! Take a seat on their velvet couches that line the sidewalk and enjoy a nice cold beverage.
  • Swine Southern Table: (#top5 best brisket I’ve ever had, and make sure you GET THE RIB ENDS APP!)
  • Bulla Gastrobar: (I attempted to make a rule: To never eat at the same restaurant twice; Not long after, I had to break said rule for Bulla. Sit at the bar, only way to do it. Order the New York Sour aka "the Mike special” (it’s an off-the-menu item). Start off with the tomato toast. Everything is good there, whatever your tastebuds crave.

Dinner at Green Street Cafe


Wish I got to explore this area more- email Canalien with your experience if you get the chance!
  • I did make it to one restaurant in Brickell, Coya, (of course cause I liked the name). It was Peruvian food - didn't know what to expect tbh. It ended up being a pretty classy place and the food was awesome.  Have a drink at the bar before you get seated at a table. I had a “What up doc” - highly recommend.

View from the upstairs of Swine Southern Table in Coral Gables 

1 Hotel South Beach with my brother, Blake

South Beach

Of course, when in South Beach, you've got to check out the Collins Ave strip: The Delano, SLS, and Shore Club are some of the favourites. Also, not on South Beach but another really cool, similar spot is The Standard Hotel.
  • Broken Shaker: A must stop, during any trip to Miami. I even ventured here during a layover once - okay fine, my flight was cancelled... I had to stay the night in Miami and accidentally stumbled upon this place… I suppose everything really does happen for a reason, though. Two years later I went back with my brother - the venue is too cool, and I don’t think you can find finer cocktails. Big fan of this place.
  • Bodega: You also need to go here... A small taco shop, with a speak-easy in the back - reminded me of a place I went to with some Canaliens in Paris called Candelaria. I don’t know what it is about small taco places and speak-easies that go so well, but they sure as hell do.
  • 1 Hotel: An awesome spot to stay with decent cocktails and the rooftop pool you see above. Not too shabby huh.
  • Club Mokai: We recommend staying clear of this place. We checked it out for a night, it wasn't great and we later found a pretty hefty improper charge on our credit card. When we tried to reach them they went radio silent.

Somewhere in the depths of the Wynwood Walls


Although currently being criticized as a hot spot for Zika Virus... This area has an incredible history (read more here), approaching it's 100th year in 2017! It was only recently been regentrified in the mid 2000s.
This is where I've spent most of my time out when in Miami. This place was like unlike anywhere I’d ever been. It feels like a super safe, artsy ghetto. Upscale stores and fine restaurants masked within old buildings coated in fresh coloured graffitti.
There is this one area where you walk through the walls, and you feel as though you’re in an outdoor art gallery. They even have protective rope in front of the some of the walls. You fancy, huh.
The restaurants are incredible:  
  • Wynwood Kitchen: A+ for ambiance, really cool environment. Food was good, nothing overly incredible though.  
  • Kyu: This asian restaurant on the other hand - god damn, the best food. Very high end- but loved every second of it.  
  • I almost always stop for tacos at Coyo (okay, I just love eating at places that sound like my name, you would too), this place was fantastic. Very casual. Good IPA draft and delicious tacos. Very affordable too. Plus, you eat on picnic benches out front and everybody loves picnic benches.
  • Wynwood Diner: I've heard great things and it looked really cool- wish I could've made it.
  • Wood Tavern: Across the street from Wynwood Diner, decided to check this out instead- very, very cool. A hipsters paradise. More of a beverage-centric type of place… which makes all of the stairs leading to the building quite entertaining -especially for photo-ops. (you’ll understand what I mean when you go there).
    I can imagine the designers of the place designing the bar: 
    Designer: “what do hipsters like?”
    Bar owner: “Uh… I dunno, chilling on steps”
    Designer: “Brilliant! lets add more steps!”
      • Dr Smood: This is one of the best coffee shops I’ve been to, and I’ve been to a lot (you have to get the Hawaj White coffee, so unique & they have a tumeric latte which is also cool).

      A common layover spot and winter destination for Canalien Snowbirds, Miami is definitely worth a visit. I didn't even touch on the deep-rooted history and myriad of cultures that have influenced this city. Cuban, Puerto-Rican, Haitian to name a few; it is truly unique.

      That's all for now!


        Fellow Canalien
        Fellow Canalien


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