Meet The Crew

Meet the Crew

Canalien was created by Canadians travelling abroad. They were always proud to represent Canada throughout their travels, and the more kilometres they travelled, the more Canadians and fans of Canada they met.

They wanted to start a company to promote the ever-changing Canadian identity. We continue to evolve as a country, and as a people. Our population is constantly diversifying, along with our minds, as we feed our reputation of being avid, open-minded and accepting travellers.

A Canalien is a proud Canadian who also embraces the 'alien' way of life; of exploring foreign lands and cultures, of seeking adventure, and also welcoming like-minded people along the way. 

Canalien is a mentality, a way of life. It's representing Canada, balancing progression with tradition, welcoming people of all walks of life and wanting to learn as much as we can about our world and its inhabitants. Our logo is a symbol for equality and acceptance for these things.

We've put together a collection for Canaliens to wear proudly abroad, to help recognize other globally-minded travellers, as well as at home, to spot people who may be avid travellers or new to Canada. Our hope is that our symbol will act as an icebreaker between people around the world with the common ground of having a special place for Canada, the world, and a love for foreign experiences and cultures.

Whether you are a visitor to Canada living the Canalien life or one of the many Canadians travelling abroad, you are one of the lucky ones to have access to this incredible country, and the freedom to experience all of the wonderful diversity this world has to offer. Join the team, and wear your Canalien with pride.


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