Where's Waldo? And How Did He Get Tickets to Burning Man?!

March 23, 2016 1 Comment

Where's Waldo? And How Did He Get Tickets to Burning Man?!

Burning Man is Amazing

Have you found him yet? He's right there... Right in the...  Okay, confession, he's not actually in the picture. He didn't read this article on "How To Buy Burning Man Tickets," so he missed out on an experience of a lifetime! It's too bad because all he had to do was close his eyes, tap the heels of his desert boots together three times and think to himself "The Playa Provides!"

So let's get started: buying tickets happens in 3.5 hours (at the time of this posting)…Wednesday, March 23, 2016 3pm Toronto time (12pm PDT). Tickets go for $390USD...so in Canadian that's like a million dollars...or realistically a hit to the Canadian ego and $514.12 according to today's exchange.

This year buying is slightly different. But first, listen to how we did it last year:

We went over to Mitch’s house.
We lay in a circle in his room. 
While wearing tie-dye shirts.
And singing off-tune Cat Steven songs.
The second that tickets went on sale at 3:00pm we pressed the buy button!
We had to sit in a 45 minute virtual line up.
(More time to sing Cat Stevens!)
The progress bar went really slow.
Then really fast.
We were first in line.
And then tenth.
By the time I was through, they had all sold out :(
But everyone in the room had purchased two tickets each, just in case, so Mitch gave me one :)

Tip #1: Everyone’s limit is two tickets. Buy two tickets. Give the other to your friend or sell it. Everyone wants Burning Man tickets!


"In anticipation of high demand and a high server load, a 20-minute waiting room will open Wednesday, March 23 at 11:45am PDT. Actual sales begin at 12:05pm PDT.

Opening multiple browser tabs won’t improve your chances; when the sale opens, everyone in the 20-minute waiting room will be assigned a place in line that is not related to when they entered the sale. Anyone who joins after 20 minutes will be placed in line after those already in the queue."

With all this being said, there was a "Where's Waldo" theme camp at Burning Man one year. Holy smokes, look how big he is! Do I have to say click the link?! 

Until next time Burners.

The Playa Provides. The Playa Provides. The Playa Provides.

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